Our new and improved jasmine wax

We now offer a new & improved grade of our Jasmine wax! KahlWax 6684 Jasmine is a soft wax derived from blossoms of Jasminum grandiflorum as a upcycled by-product of the perfume industry. Known as the “perfume of love”, the jasmine essential oil has a rich and sweet fragrance, elevates mood and increases energy levels. White jasmine flowers often symbolize purity, love and beauty and are used in wedding decorations and bouquets.

KahlWax 6684 Jasmine is ideal for skin care formulations as it creates very creamy and rich emulsions, its impact being similar to that of an emollient. It forms a protective film on skin, supporting the activity of moisturizers and emollients. It is also recommended for color cosmetics preparations in which it provides excellent pay-off.

For inspiration on how to use it, check out our formulations:

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