Kahl is a leading innovative manufacturer of natural waxes with a global presence, consistently high product quality and customer orientation, and a high regard for customers and employees.

From our production location in Trittau near Hamburg, we globally supply customers in various industries. With our knowhow and years of experience we provide our customers with outstanding service and value-adding solutions.

Our strategy is very focused on sustainability and strongly oriented toward innovations in processes and production technology as well as in new functional products.


It all started in Cologne in 1948, a couple of years after the Second World War. Mr. Eduard Huntenburg, owner of a food trading company in Hamburg, was visiting his sister and her husband. The two gentlemen went out one night and joined a round of card players in a shady pub. They probably had a drink or two and in the end Eduard Huntenburg won a couple of coupons for steel. Now it was hard to know what to do with them. Being a clever man with the right intuition, he decided to produce cans from the steel to use for selling shoe polish. He got in touch with Mr. Guido Kahl, a trader with contacts to the carnauba wax business in Brazil. The two businessmen decided to cooperate and founded a company. They used the cellar of a bombed-out school in Hamburg Rothenburgsort near the harbor. They prepared the polish in a boiler and filled it into the cans. Of course, that was a success! We retained this entrepreneurial spirit and flexibility to this day, always eager to find a good use for our high-quality waxes!


Quality does not only refer to our products or a systematic approach to work but is fundamentally important in all areas. We strive to continuously improve in every respect.


Everyone in the company should treat each other with respect, appreciation, and equality at all times. Respect should also be shown to the customers, business partners, and the environment.


Innovation is the renewal and optimization of products, procedures, processes, and workflows arising from ideas. We want change, innovation, and improvement.


Responsibility is, to ensure that everything takes the best possible course and involves doing what is necessary and right so that the envisaged goals can be achieved. We feel responsible for the tasks we are given, but also independently take on new tasks.


Communality is the foundation of any functioning collaborative effort. This creates resilient togetherness in the form of solidarity, especially in difficult situations. We see ourselves as a community.


Sustainability involves acting ethically, responsibly and firmly in the interest of the common good and the environment.


Mitglied im Bundesverband für Objektfunk in Deutschland e.V. (BODeV)


  • Company is founded by Guido Kahl and Eduard Huntenburg
  • First successful product, Kahlwax 204 (Carnauba Wax + Paraffin in yellow), is produced and sold until about 1985
  • Move into the cosmetic industry with the product Kahlwax 302MA (Carnauba Wax + Paraffin in silver-gray) for Margaret Astor


  • The company moves from Hamburg to Trittau
Mitglied im Bundesverband für Objektfunk in Deutschland e.V. (BODeV)


  • Beeswax is added to the portfolio
  • Supplying the household, cosmetic, and candle industry


  • Walter Huntenburg transfers the company to his sons Ulrich, Jochen, and Thomas Huntenburg
  • Strategic alignment to the cosmetic industry
Mitglied im Bundesverband für Objektfunk in Deutschland e.V. (BODeV)


  • Kahl & Co. goes online with the website www.kahlwax.de


  • Ulrich Huntenburg becomes sole CEO
Mitglied im Bundesverband für Objektfunk in Deutschland e.V. (BODeV)


  • Relaunch of the KahlWax brand, modernization of the website and print media


  • Management passes to Dr. Matthias Seemann and Tanja Tegner
  • KahlWax celebrates its 70 Year Anniversary
Mitglied im Bundesverband für Objektfunk in Deutschland e.V. (BODeV)


  • Rebranding
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