Mimosa wax

Our latest addition to the portfolio is KahlWax 6672 Mimosa – a natural, light colored and hard wax with medium melting point derived from the blossoms of Acacia decurrens. The flowers, known in the florist trade as “mimosa”, are often associated with springtime and symbolize hope and joy. Mimosa wax is very sustainable, as it is a formerly unwanted by-product of the perfume industry and thus an upcycled raw material.

KahlWax 6672 Mimosa creates soft, flexible, and resilient oleogels, making it perfectly suited to stabilize anhydrous formulations. Even in low concentrations, mimosa wax is able to form a protective layer on the skin, making it an ideal choice for skin care formulations such as face and hand creams. Its uplifting and soothing fragrance is noticeable even at low concentrations and can be easily utilized in every kind of formulation, making it an ideal natural perfuming agent.

For inspiration on how to use it, check out our formulations:

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