KahlWax 8108 White Pharma Beeswax

This pure, fine white beeswax has pharmaceutical quality. It is obtained from honeycombs of Apis Mellifera (western honeybee) and is carefully physically bleached and refined. Beeswax is the best-known and by volume the bestselling natural wax worldwide. It forms flexible protective layers on the skin and enhances adhesion of formulations.


Beeswax improves texture, viscosity, and gives body in W/O emulsions and anhydrous systems, while enhancing skin feel in O/W emulsions. In lip products it provides a creamy texture and structure and improves adhesion to skin. In mascaras beeswax improves texture, boosts volume build-up by creating layers and increases sticking of fillers due to high adhesion to lashes. It is also perfectly suited to provide hold in hair styling products.


Recommended use level

1-20 %


Cera Alba


Hair Styling Aid, Oil Binder/ Thickener, Stabilizer, Viscosity Regulator, Breakage Resistance Improver


Face Care, Bath & Body, Lip Care, Solid Cosmetic


Beeswax Grades

Melting point

61–66 °C


aproxx. 22 dmm

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