KahlWax 8104 White Beeswax

A pure, fine white beeswax obtained from honeycombs of Apis Mellifera (western honeybee) in cosmetic quality, which is carefully physically bleached and refined. Beeswax is the best-known and by volume the bestselling natural wax worldwide. Even though it has a quite heavy skin feel, it is still popular in many cosmetic preparations.


Beeswax improves texture, viscosity, and gives body in W/O emulsions and anhydrous systems, while enhancing skin feel in O/W emulsions. In lip products it provides a creamy texture and structure and improves adhesion to skin. In mascaras beeswax improves texture, boosts volume build-up by creating layers and increases sticking of fillers due to high adhesion to lashes. It is also perfectly suited to provide hold in hair styling products.


Recommended use level

1-20 %


Cera Alba


Hair Styling Aid, Oil Binder/ Thickener, Stabilizer, Viscosity Regulator, Breakage Resistance Improver


Hair Styling, Face Care, Bath & Body, Lip Care, Color Cosmetic, Solid Cosmetic, Industrial Application, Candle


Beeswax Grades

Melting point

61–65 °C


aproxx. 22 dmm

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