KahlWax 6290 Berry

This low-melting soft wax with velvet, powdery skin feel is derived from berry fruit peels of Rhus Verniciflua. As a significant part of this wax melts below 30 °C, it has a very silky and soft skin feel, comparable to a classic emollient. KahlWax 6290 Berry enhances and stabilizes structures of other crystallizing materials, e.g. high-melting waxes.


KahlWax 6290 Berry is very versatile and improves the sensory properties of cosmetic formulations. In O/W emulsions it leads to super soft, smooth, and silky skin feel and creates creamy textures even at low levels. It makes creams whiter and reduces the droplet size which has a positive influence on stability. It also acts as a pay-off enhancer and lubricating additive in lip products and pencils and improves the breakage resistance of stick preparations.


Recommended use level



Rhus Verniciflua Peel Cera


Skin Conditioner, Re-fatting Agent, Texture Enhancer, Pay-off Enhancer, Breakage Resistance Improver


Hair Care, Hair Styling, Face Care, Bath & Body, Lip Care, Color Cosmetic, Solid Cosmetic


Specialty Waxes

Melting point

48–54 °C


20-30 dmm

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