KahlWax 6279L Myrica

This unique natural wax combines a high hardness with a low melting point and is derived from berry fruit peels of the Myrica Pubescens tree native to Latin America. It has a extraordinary chemical structure as it has no double bonds, similar to hydrogenated oils, which makes it very stable against oxidation. Myrica wax shows excellent performance as natural hair conditioning agent that reduces combing force significantly.


In hair styling products it provides excellent hold and allows for remoldable styles without flaking. In hair care products it improves combability and helps to avoid detangling. Furthermore, KahlWax 6279L Myrica enriches and stabilizes O/W emulsions without waxy skin feel and reduces stickiness. It has a good impact on viscosity and pay-off in anhydrous products.


Recommended use level

1-10 %


Myrica Pubescens Fruit Cera


Hair Conditioner, Skin Conditioner, Re-fatting Agent, Oil Binder/ Thickener, Texture Enhancer, Viscosity Regulator


Hair Care, Hair Styling, Face Care, Bath & Body, Candle


Specialty Waxes

Melting point

45–55 °C


approx. 4 dmm

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