KahlComplex 6421 MB Supersoft

This animal-free lanolin substitute consists of complex esters of natural fatty acids, isostearic acid and adipic acid. The pale, odorless, semisolid paste has powerful emusifying properties, a water absorption capacity of 200 %, and is suitable for emulsions and anhydrous systems. It provides a very rich skin feel and enhances gloss.


In skin care products it can be used as emulsifier, stabilizer, emollient, and moisturizer. In lipsticks it functions as film modifier and crystal inhibitor for more uniformly dispersed pigments, and can be used as gloss-enhancing agent. In shampoos, shower gels and soaps it works as a conditioning and re-fatting agent, minimizes dehydration of the skin by detergents, and supports perfume retention. It also works as a protective firming component and adds gloss in hair styling products.


Recommended use level

4-15 %


Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2


Skin Conditioner, Re-fatting Agent, Moisturizer, Texture Enhancer, Pay-off Enhancer


Hair Styling, Face Care, Bath & Body, Color Cosmetic



Melting Point

32–37 °C

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