Certificates & Standards

ISO 9001: 2015

To fulfill contractual agreements, customer requirements and to plan, implement, monitor, and improve all quality relevant activities, we maintain a quality management (QM) system per DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015. Our quality policy pertains to the area of customer satisfaction, product quality, product safety, continual improvement, and personnel responsibility.

HACCP (Hazard analysis & critical control points)

HACCP is a systematic approach to avoiding hazards in production processes that can lead to a risk to the end product, and to developing measures to reduce these risks. This includes the continuous risk assessment of our processes. The aim is to understand and avoid potential risks for our customers' applications in the cosmetics, food, or pharmaceuticals.

Natural cosmetic standards COSMOS & NATRUE

The COSMOS Standard defines certification requirements for organic and natural cosmetic products in Europe. It is one of the most important certification standards for natural cosmetics and is recognized by the cosmetics industry worldwide. It is managed by a not-for-profit, international, and independent association – the Brussels based COSMOS-standard AISBL. We offer a range of COSMOS approved as well as organic COSMOS certified products. NATRUE (the international natural and organic cosmetics association) is an international non-profit organization located in Brussels. Its mission is the worldwide promotion and protection of natural and organic cosmetics. Since 2021, we have a list of products also attested as compliant to the NATURE standard.

ISO 16128

The ISO 16128 guidelines establish technical definitions and criteria for natural and organic cosmetics and allow the degree of natural or organic origin to be determined numerically, making it easy to compare individual materials. We offer information about ISO 16128 conformity of all our products.

Sustainable palm oil products

Kahl is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, which promotes sustainable cultivation methods for palm oil and thus to limit environmental damage. Producers are examined during the certification to ensure that palm oil is being produced in correspondence with these criteria. We are certified according to the Mass Balance supply chain system model.


EcoVadis provides holistic corporate social responsibility ratings to companies through a global cloud-based SaaS platform to help companies better manage and communicate their company’s CSR performance in a clear and trackable way. Each company is rated on issues relevant to its size, location, and industry. The goal of this assessment is to evaluate the quality of the company’s CSR management system based on its policies, actions, and results. For our customers and business partners, we have had Kahl evaluated by EcoVadis since 2018. We were able to steadily improve on the rating and received a silver medal for it in 2023.


The term "Halal" comes from Arabic and essentially means "permitted, clean" and refers to things that are allowed under Islamic law. Manufacturers can benefit from halal certification, as it assures their customers that no prohibited ingredients are used in their products. This significantly expands the market both domestically and internationally. We offer a wide range of Halal certified as well as Halal compliant products. The latter are certifiable upon request.


The Hebrew word "kosher" translates to "proper" or "right". The Kosher certification verifies compliance with specific purity requirements set by the Halakha in accordance with globally recognized standards. Put simply, the Kosher symbol confirms that followers of the Jewish faith can safely consume and/or use that product. We offer a wide range of Kosher certified as well as Kosher compliant products. The latter are certifiable upon request.

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